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Bitcoin casinos in 2017 were a winner’s choice

Devoted fan and pioneer, beginner testing the casinos waters or just a person looking into the rising trend of Bitcoin casinos, 2017 meant you were along for the ride. The popularity and the inherent growth of the industry among netizens will continue to rise and that is no fortunetelling, glass globe guess.

Bitcoin casinos not only motivate, but innovate

According to Statista, online gambling market is projected to hit 56.05 billion by 2018.  Bitcoin gambling accounts for around 10% of the whole of the gambling sector, with experts predicting that there could be at least $4 billion in bets placed using crypto.

The casino industry appreciated the Bitcoin’s value right from the onset. Maybe because taking chances and bets are closely knit in the psychology of an explorer and opportunist, maybe because its blockchain system offered the right answers to all the disadvantages of the online gaming universe: Player confidence, Low costs, Ease-of-use, Convenience.

How much will Online Casinos expand in 2018 and why it matters to you

If 17th century and it’s first roulette wheel meant the roll of the dice, the latest state-of-the-art 3D slot technology and VR interfaces prove once again the adaptability of the online casinos to consumer demands.
In 2018 we’ll probably witness not only expansion, but renewal, with Bitcoin casinos and conventional online casinos convert into hybrid casinos, to accommodate Bitcoin alongside numerous conventional currencies.

Three Bitcoins gambled per minute over the past two years shows cryptocurrency and online wagers are working well together.
And online casinos will want you to use Bitcoin, so all the reduced transaction costs will make them transfer some of the savings to you, in the form of bonuses.
The number of online casino players will grow either naturally, or by the influx of advertising and targeted marketing campaigns in the media and television.
And of course, the dynamics of the games pool will be fast forwarded, with new options and possibilities. Like seasoned poker player Bryan Micon said:
“Some kid is going to come up with some Bitcoin gambling game. They will be 12 years old and they’ll make $480,000. That’s just what’s possible.”
With the increase in numbers, be it of users or casinos, there’s going to be a need for growth in protection, not only for the security of the data and earnings, but even against Bitcoin volatility. Online casinos will start protecting the winners and their wins on the short-term with some sort of guarantees.

Online gambling and regulations

Due to its centralized nature and the rising popularity, we can expect movements from governments to try and regulate the cryptocurrency. Currently, this map shows with green the permissive regions, red the hostile ones, yellow the contentious and the rest to be decided.

We can safely predict you will make history in Bitcoin Casinos

In an interview for The globe and mail, the gambling mogul Calvin Ayre associated Satoshi Nakamoto with the quote: „Bitcoin comes out of the gaming industry. There’s actually poker code writing in the original Bitcoin code.” True or not, the idea remains that every site offering games, slots and tables with winning in Bitcoin presumably offers you a chance to be a part of a new piece of history. Learn to follow trends and news, and keep an eye out for all the latest on the Bitcoin Casino blogs.
Having been there from the inception, a player can already gain VIP status and be there to oversee the influx of new gambling aficionados ready to try on the different Bitcoin games.
To put it plainly, making an entrance now will gain you superstar status in the future, not only as a participant in the online Bitcoin gaming rise, but a person much more prone to learn about the tendencies of cryptocurrency as investment opportunity.

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